SPS™ Peelable Sealants

SPS™ Peelable Sealants are designed for formulating peelable sealants. Sealants made using SPS products can be processed on conventional blown and cast film extrusion and coextrusion equipment. The distinguishing feature of SPS Peelable Sealants is their ability to yield sealants with easy peel characteristics when heat-sealed to itself. Products are available for polyethylene and ethylene copolymer-based sealant systems.



General-purpose peelable sealant
Cereal bag liners
Snack food structures
Medical and pharmaceutical packaging


Low heat-seal initiation temperature
Ability to adjust heat-seal strength
No aging effects.
Cohesive failure.
Clean, smooth peel seals (not stringy).
Flat heat-seal strength profile.
Broad heat-seal temperature range.
Peel seals when opened.
Suitable for most direct food contact applications.